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Evolutionary Carbon Content

March 26, 2014

I ran across this today while on my morning tech news binge – 3D Printed Carbon Nanotubes, from Arveo Labs.

Short little mention for sure, but if they are able to do what they say they can, this is a huge step forward. Take a look at this Wikipedia article for a primer for what Carbon Nanotubes are and what their potential & current applications are.

Short term, printing small, ridiculously strong parts for various applications in your basement.

Long term, printing industrial size objects (auto chassis, ship hulls, etc.)  in a production center on a large scale.

The net though is that technology is evolving so that manufacturing does not have to be geographically centered in places like the American midwest or German Westfalia. Anything can be made anywhere, at anytime, with low cost infrastructure.




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