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Screened Intervention

June 26, 2014

What is the advantage to one more screen?

I checked in on Google I/O yesterday and saw that several of the tech blogs did hands on with the new Moto-360 Smartwatch. To be honest, it’s gorgeous, seems functional, and to some extent, innovative. I like tech for the sake of tech. However, this time, the first question that ran through my head was, “What would the real advantage be in having another screen?”.

I have mentioned in past posts that I have done my best to eliminate noise, distractions, and notifications from my phone, tablet, and notebook. Adding another little piece of tech that pushes information to me on a constant basis – especially since it’s actually connected to me- seems to bely that aforementioned discipline that I have worked diligently to cultivate.

Perhaps I am asking the wrong question, and that I should be asking, “How would this additional screen help me better refine the signal to noise ratio?”. One can only speculate as these things are not really live and essentially vaporware until later this summer.

I am however interested in seeing Apple’s take on this, or if Apple is going to even pursue this as a product.

Wearables begin to help us drive toward further defining Big Data and what it really and truly means. Vast swaths of information available to mine, trend, and interpret. Millions of data points and flows all being gathered and analyzed by engines that, as yet, have not even been conceived.

All of that from a watch. Interesting…


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